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Yau Kung Moon 柔功門 can be roughly translated as "the style of flexible power" originated in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) with a Shaolin monk named Ding Yang (~800 CE).This is the style with the Chinese Traditional Lion & Dragon Dance.

According to traditional lore, this style was taught only to monks within the confines of the Southern Shaolin Temple. During the time of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 CE) the temple was again destroyed and many of the monks were hunted and killed. One of the surviving monks was Doe Sung a skilled Yau Kung Moon disciple. Doe Sung then taught a Buddhist monk named Tit Yun. Tit Yun was the first to pass the tradition on to a layperson when he accepted Ha Hon Hung (1892-1962) as a disciple in 1915. Ha Hon Hung had also studied Choy Lee Fut with his brother, Ha Sang and Bak Mei with Cheung Lai Chun.

In 1924, Ha Hon Hung opened up the first Yau Kung Moon Academy at the Pearl River Martial Arts Club in Guangzhou (Canton) and formed the Ha Hon Hung Sports Association. Yau Kung Moon primarily gained popularity in the Cantonese-speaking region of China, but remains somewhat uncommon outside of the region. It is taught in several countries but is most active in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, the US and Australia.



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