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Di Tang Quan Dim Mak Do Pi Kung Fu Dragon Fist Drunken Monkey Duan Quan
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Lai Tung Pai Lau Gar Leopard Kung Fu Liq Chuan Liu He Luohan Quan
Meihua Quan Mian Quan Mizongyi Nan Quan Northern Eagle Claw Northern Praying Mantis
Pao Chui Pigua Quan Quan Fa San Shou Sansoo Shaolin Kung Fu
Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan Shuai Jiao Snake Kung Fu Southern Praying Mantis Tai Sheng Men Taijiquan
Tai Chi Chuan
Tamo Sho Tan Tui Tang Shou Dao Tien Shan Pai Tiger Kung Fu Tongbei Quan
Wing Chun Wushu Xingyi Quan Yau Kung Moon Zui Quan  
Black Crane Kung fu is the second art of style developed by the Shaolin temple. Specifically, Dr. Hua T'o, a physician of the Han dynasty developed the art through exercises consisting of animal movements that were used into improve health.

Along with that came the evolution of spirit and character. The style is beneficial towards those with tall heights because of the techniques involved with it. The movements were of the Snake, Tiger, and Ancient Bird styles.

An enhancement to the style was made during the 1600s that introduced grappling or "Ch'in Na" to the style. With the addition of Ch'in Na, the foundation of Jiujitsu was formulated. The influence of Ch'in Na was important due to how much it associated with each style.

 The opposing, White Crane, style has developed the use of Ch'in Na to a higher caliber as well as the Tiger and Eagle styles. The White Crane has innovated Ch'in Na through the addition of White Crane techniques, which was more than half of its extension along with the twenty new forms of the new integration. Since 1968, the forms have only existed in 4 forms, 8 eight from the original 20. The current four forms are as noted: The first being unnamed, the second as "Crane Leaving the Marsh," the third as "Synthetic Fist Form," and the fourth as "Defending the Four Angles."



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