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Kendo is the way of the sword. Basically it was a way swordsmen were able to keep their skills sharp without losing a limb or a life. Kendo, though it has sword katas, is not driven by them. Kendo emphasizes the free use of technique and spirit of honorable combat. It's fast paced, strong, and when done well is graceful at the same time. Once again there is no age limitation.

In the course of your Kendo training you will experience:

Suburi- a swinging of the shinai (sword representation) practicing to cut.
Suburi- same... you just get so much practice I thought I'd put it down twice :)
Waza- the technique, of which their are many.
Geiko- it's like sparring.
Shiai- basically a tournament
Kata- Sword forms advocated by the Kendo Federations... they teach in form many traditional sword technique.


Kendo is all about how you use your skill, but it's different than what most people think. For an example, in order to achieve a point in Kendo you must demonstrate at least all of the following.
You must start out with good concentration, giving adaquate pressure toward your opponent with your spirit.
You must remember to Kiai (a vocalization...the word shout doesn't give it due credit).
You must attack with unwavering commitment.
Your attack must be precise to sometimes the inch (especially when stirking the Men or head).
You must also announce through kiai your target as you cut.
Your strike itself must demonstrate "ki-ken-tai-ichi" (unification of the spirit, sword, and body) by the strike of your shinai, your kiai, and the placement of your lead foot all occurring at the same time.
Now you must also escape without being hit while preserving proper foot work...all the while you're still keeping up the kiai.
Turn around to face your opponent in such a fashion as to be ready for an attack.

Loosely, that's what one good strike in Kendo is going to take. Sound fun? It really is. It's one of those things you just have to try for yourself. There's no way to know if you'll like it or not until you try.
Here you can see all the target areas in Kendo
The Shinai - The weapon used when participating in Kendo The Bogu - The Protective gear worn



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