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HANSHI - 8th Dan

Soke Solly Said

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SHIHAN - 6th Dans

Shihan Ahmed Limbada

Shihan Ahmed Limbada

Born on 24 June 1953 started karate in 1968
First began martial arts training in Kyokushinkai then later to Seido Karate and eventually became part of Ken Fude Ryu Kenshu Kai Karate.

Shihan's best technique is the mawashi-geri 'Round house kick'.

Shihan enjoys Kanku-Dai kata and the practice of The Sai & Bo.

EveEvery training session has been an experience filled with passion while training and teaching till today filled with the same spirit.

Shihan Jeremiah Mothlabane
Shihan Colin Mothoo
Kyoshi Colin Mothoo  
Shihan Simon Mokele
Born on 26 April 1955. He first started karate in 1983 under favourite technique during kumite is a solid stomach punch and his overall favourite technique is a front snap kick.

Kyoshi's favourite kata is Kanku Dai.

His favourite weapon is the Jo

His most interesting experience was during a winter camp in the Drakensburg. Early on the Sunday morning at 6AM tgey went for a run and on the way there was a very cold stream and he was instructed to take his top off and jump into the water and start doing basic techniques.

KYOSHI'S - 5th Dans

Kyoshi Yolinda Strevens
Kyoshi Bradford Mackenzie
Kyoshi Bradford Mackenzie Born on 20 June 1974. He began karate training in early 1985 under Hanshi.

His favourite fighting technique is a back spinning kick followed by a roundhouse kick. His overall favourite technique is the reverse punch.

His favourite kata is Kururunfa

He enjoys using the Sai

His most exciting experience was training in Central Park in New York City exchanging cultural activities like doing the Haka and singing Sho sho loza. He says that passer-byes almost started giving out money.
Kyoshi Razien Dangor
Kyoshi Ejaz Latib
Kyoshi Ejaz Latib Born on 13 August 1972.First began studying the martial arts in 1985 doing Wing Chun Do in Europe and then later that year began doing karate under Hanshi.

His favourite fighting technique is a crescent kick followed by a stomach punch.

His overall favourite technique is a front snap kick.

His favourite kata is Kanku Dai

He enjoys using the Bo and Shinai

HHis most exciting experience was winning a gold medal in the kumite & weapons division during a trip to Cleveland Ohio at the World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame. He challenged a big guy from The Bahamas and was able to land his favourite techniques which won him the final fight apart from winning the fights against other martial artists.The other great thing was during the weapons division where he used the Bo the judges couldn't decide anymore between the finalists because of such a contrast in the weapons used by different practitioners their ages and their experience and because they were only Masters left that they gave the top 4 people all first place and he was joint first with Shihan Ahmed and a Master from another style who was in his late 70's who did a sword kata.
Kyoshi Owen
Kyoshi Ronald Abvajee
Kyoshi Christoper Thomas
Kyoshi Essop Sather
Kyoshi Essop Sather Born on 6 January 1957.He started karate in 1990 first under Shotokan and then through the current organization.

His favourite technique is a combination of 3-4 different punches although he prefers a good strong stomach punch.

Sensei enjoys Teki-Shodan and using the Bo and Jo

His one main experience came when he had to defend himself against an attacker in a parking lot. It was the case of an ant against an elephant and he obviously had to look at attacking the vital points in order to bring the attacker down, the attacker really regretted attacking Sensei.
Kyoshi Naseem Ebrahim
Kyoshi Naseem Ebrahim Born on 12 April 1960.He started karate in 1990.

His favourite technique is deadly stomach punch. He believes in the power of winding someone to stop them from attacking any more.

He enjoys doing Kanku-dai.

His favourite weapon is the Sai.

What he finds that so amazing about karate is that has opened doors to integrating people from different nationalities, races, religions & cultures especially since he spent a good part of his youth through the struggle of apartheid. There are so many experiences that he enjoyed however most of all is the regular classes that he takes getting instruction directly from Hanshi.
Kyoshi Yusuf Bokhary
Kyoshi Yusuf Bokhary Born on 10 July 1983. Began his karate training in 1990 under Hanshi.

Sensei enjoys throwing a combination of punches and kicks. His favourite technique is a roundhouse kick.

His favourite kata is Seipai

His favourite weapons are the bo & jo!

His favourite experience was when he went for his Shodan (1st Dan) promotion. It was basically the training that led up to the promotion that was very intense and he thanks Sensei Ronald and the late Sensei Leilah Said and he says that its because of them he was able to to finish and pass and that memory was filled with a lot  of laughs and pain and will always stay with him.

SENSEI'S - 4th Dans

Sensei Andy Baker

Born on 24 May 1963.He began his training in karate in 1975 first under Shotokan and then stopped training for a few years and then restarted training under Hanshi.

He says that he always tries to avoid fighting however if he has no other choice it will be a case of 'Sen-No-Sen'.

He enjoys doing a combination of a kick followed by a sweep.He says that the best thing to do is to stop the fight as soon as possible.

Sensei loves all the 'Shuri' katas.

He likes using the Bo from the practiced weapons.

His best experience comes regularly as he enjoys assisting Hanshi at the Goudpark Primary School in Eldoradopark. The kids are absolutely amazing as he finds their spirit incredible and he swears that he has learnt more from those kids then they have learned from him.

Sensei Tasneem Said

Sensei Zeenat Raja

Sensei Zahra Said
Sensei Shamsa Said

SENPAI'S 3rd Dans

Senpai Mohammed Joosub
Senpai Mohammed Joosub Born on 25 July 1958. He started doing karate in the early 70's first in Kyokushinkai and then again in 1998 both times under Hanshi.

He enjoys doing a vicious round house kick during fighting and his overall favourite technique is a grab and punch.

He enjoys doing Kanku Dai

His favourite weapon is using the knife which he carries in his car.

His most interesting experience comes from the regular meditation classes where he feels an absolute peace and feeling of euphoria and peace in his heart and soul.
Senpai Naweed Khan
Senpai Naweed Khan  
Senpai Iqbal Moolla  
Born on 24 November 1955.Began training in karate since 1997.

Senpai enjoys giving people a solid stomach punch during kumite fighting however his favourite technique is a roundhouse elbow strike.

He enjoys Kanku Dai kata.

His favourite weapon is the knife.

His most exciting experience was competing in a tournament at an international level.
Senpai Afzal Dawood  
Senpai Jan Nita Wilkens  
Senpai Sumaya Dawood  
Senpai Lesego Ratala  



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