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Sensei Leilah Said

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Shuseki Shihan William Oliver Sensei Leilah Said  

Dedicated to the memory of Leilah Said. I thank Almighty for considering me worthy by blessing me with a daughter like Leilah.

Leilah was a daughter,sister,student friend,college associate,partner and much more.At times Leilah was my shadow as I was her's.We shared many joys, had many laughs and in sorrow we shed tears together.Leilah and I travelled many highways and byways.We often walked the long road side by side.Along the way Leilah touched the lives of so many people.

She was a foundation block, a pillar that supported what I had built.Leilah excelled in her training and earned the respect of her students and peers alike.
I too, as everyone thought Leilah will always be there.Suddenly Leilah left everyone standing  and without a word she walked towards her Creator.

We have fond memories which we cherish and treasure, yet I long to see her smile and hear her laugh.If tears,pain and hurt were building blocks, I would build a stairway to Heaven to get a glimpse of my Angel

I know Leilah is at peace and in God's care.The vacuum she left will always be empty,for there was only one Leilah.I miss you my child and will always remember you!

With all my love- Your dad
Soke Solly Said

Leilah - daughter,sister & friend

Sensei Leilah Said

Sensei Leilah with sister Senpai Tasneem Sensei Leilah Said Sensei Leilah Said and Hanshi`s late brother Rasheed Ahmed

Senpai Tasneem - Soke Solly Said - Sensei Leilah Said

Sensei Leilah Said and mother




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