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Tamo Sho Tan Tui Tang Shou Dao Tien Shan Pai Tiger Kung Fu Tongbei Quan
Wing Chun Wushu Xingyi Quan Yau Kung Moon Zui Quan  
White Tiger Kung Fu is one of the few arts that can provide complete traditional Kung Fu training that can be traced back over 600 years with no outside influence from other systems or styles.

Beginners class

The beginners class acquaints the student with motions found in basic kung fu. There is absolutely no experience or level of fitness necessary for this class. Basic cardio, calisthenics and general fitness are a part of this class as well as stances, footwork, strikes, blocks, and kicks. Students with no previous experience typically train for 3 to 6 months before progressing to the intermediate classes. This class also builds the foundation and muscle memory for fighting. This class is open only to unranked, white sash, yellow sash, and orange sash students.

Intermediate class

This class in where a student will spend the next few of years. Here is where you develop techniques, speed, mechanics, combinations, and balance amongst other things. There will be a lot of bag work, partner drills, sparring, grappling, and conditioning to build the foundation of a proper practitioner. The intensity and discipline is a step up from the beginnerís class. You will begin learning proper fighting and self-defense techniques, exercise forms, the mok jong (wooden dummy) and grappling. This class is for purple sash, blue sash, green sash and brown sash students.

Advanced class

Advanced class is another step forward in intensity and discipline. You will continue to work drills, spar, grapple, hit bags and pads, build speed and power, as well as study more advanced principles. Technique and control are emphasized here. This class is for brown and black sash students unless written otherwise on the schedule.

All-ranks class

All-ranks class is exactly what it sounds like; every rank from white to black sash is welcome to attend. Intensity will vary depending on the instructor. The benefit of this class is for students of different ranks to train together. Every student, regardless of rank, can teach other students through interaction. Everyone has something to offer and this class is a great cauldron of experience from the entire student body. This class tends to have different drills than the regular classes and tend to be more fun and interactive. Often times, junior students will get an opportunity to work more advanced material.



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