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Feng Shou (風手) is a self-defence style associated with Taoist Arts of the Lee style. It is an internal or soft style. Feng Shou Ch’uan Shu means literally 'Wind Hand Fist Art'.
The name comes from the ‘Earl of the Wind’, who in Chinese mythology was called Feng Po. He is depicted as an old man with a long flowing white beard, who stands on the green grass of the heaven’s highest pinnacle, dressed in a yellow cloak and wearing a red and blue hat. In his hands he holds the open end of a cotton sack, and wherever he points the mouth of the sack, the wind blows in that direction. He can turn a full circle, and send the winds unhindered across the whole world. If he moves slowly, then the wind from his sack will hardly move and it will feel like the gentleness of a morning breeze. But if he becomes angry or is surprised then he may turn very fast, and the wind will hurtle across the universe to create the devastation of a tornado.

-Stances, Postures.
-Fast Evasive Footwork Drills.
-Yin & Yang Striking Drills.
-Kicking Drills.
-Yin Ward Offs, & Parrying Drills.
-Multiple Joint Locking Methods.
-Traditional Forms.
-Throws & Take Down Methods.
-Single & Multiple Attack Methods.
-Daoyin/Qugong Development Exercises.
-Weapon Training.
-Three Star Principle Drills.



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