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Jieishudan was co-founded by Ian Zeff and has been practised in the UK since the early 1980s in an unstructured and non-profit making capacity. Jieishudan is a hybrid martial art from the United Kingdom that combines elements of grappling, boxing and groung fighting. Jieishudan in Japanese literally means "measures to defend oneself"

It is a self defence system that uses different techniques as well as improvisations designed to cope in different street situations. Its training enables a student to effectively defend against both armed and unarmed assailants.Initially, Jieishudan was taught unofficially as an un-named 'street' self defence system in youth clubs, where kids and teenagers from all backgrounds wanted to learn how to defend themselves if they had to do so.

The emphasis of Jieishudan is on self-defence, has no forms or katas and no uniform.
Jieishudan is not practised as a sport and as such has no competitive aspect or competitions.
Training involves but is not limited to full contact sparring, bag work and endurance drills.
All kicks are kept below the waist for speed and to avoid being grabbed by an opponent.
Advanced students learn to defend against various weapons such as knives, sticks, etc.



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