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Taijutsu (体術 ?), literally meaning "body skill" or "body art", is a term for Japanese martial arts techniques that rely on a science of body movements. Historically, the word taijutsu was often used interchangeably with jujutsu (as well as many other terms) to refer to a range of grappling skills.

Taijutsu, is a form of traditional Japanese unarmed combat common to a plethora of arts utilized throughout main land Japan's history. Contemporary belief askews it as singularly applicable to the Takamatsuden arts; this is erroneous. Taijutsu is a generic term meaning 'body skills' and thus is not particular to one specific school.

A synthesis of taijutsu applications could be as follows;

Koppōjutsu (骨法術) :attacks against bones. Koppōjutsu is commonly considered a hard art in comparison to the soft arts such as koshijutsu (骨指術; attacks against muscles). Legend claims it was invented by the kappa, who excels at this discipline.

Koshijutsu is the skill of attacks to muscle and nerve points in Japanese martial arts. Koshijutsu is a major component of taijutsu.

This art of nerve striking utilizes the knowledge of the human body's nerves and muscles. The striking of these point causes sharp pain, numbness, and through some vital points the martial artist can cause temporary paralysis and even death. One can use this knowledge to gain an advantage over a larger or maybe even more skilled opponent. For instance if the opponent is skilled in blocking strikes, one could start by striking the points on the limbs and slowing the adversary down bit by bit, working up to the more vital nerve points and incapacitating the opponent and allowing for escape. Escape in most cases should ultimately be the goal, and though it is sometimes thought as cowardly, it's actually the use of common sense. There are some occasions where the martial artist must defend themselves, the well being of a weaker ally or innocent person, in which the martial artist is taught to engage and fight.

Taihenjutsu (体変術) is a system of movement and positioning that allows the user to adapt to his or her environment through a series of postures and skills primarily relying on dexterity, coordination, agility, and bone alignment. Taihenjutsu translates roughly to "Body changing skill," and is utilized by various Ryus and systems throughout martial arts.

Taihenjutsu typically depends on skills that require the user to have a fair degree of spatial awareness as well as kinetic awareness due to the constant movement and placement via pinpointed pre-cognition based on muscle memory. Because of this, highly developed taihenjutsu specialists typically develop a high degree of awareness in their environment and bodies which allows them to escape injury from strikes, throws, pins, etc.

Taihenjutsu MAY include;

Ukemi – recover from throws, locks, strikes, etc.
acrobatics – tumbling, body manipulation while aerial, balancing, etc.
Evasion – Muto Dori, slipping, parkour, etc.

Dakentaijutsu- Striking patterns, fist formations, conditioning, etc.

Jutaijutsu (柔体術 ?) is a common martial art term in ninjutsu ("junaan", in fact, means "flexible", while "tai" means "body" and "jutsu" means "art" or "skill").

Jutaijutsu is a term used in the Bujinkan Ninjutsu system for referring to the more commonly known Jujutsu in a way that more accurately ecompasses the practice for the Bujinkan Membership. Similar terminology exists such as Aiki-jujutsu instead of aikido or jujutsu, as well as Battoujutsu or Battourijutsu in place of the more common Kenjutsu.



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