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Taido means 'Way of the body'.It was created in 1965 by Seiken Shukumine (1925 - 2001).

Similar to Okinawan Karate this codified fighting art introduced a number of innovative techniques, such as spinning and twisting movements and complex footwork moves.

Taidos purpose is the application of scientific methodology and traditional values to the evolution of the martial arts.Its techniques offers many innovations: the inclusion of spinning and twisting movements, gymnastic maneuvers, speedy and effective footwork, and a changing body angle.
Principles of the art

Having the right state of mind will help you avoid confusion.
Be composed. Body and mind should be as one. Bear yourself correctly and you need never fear insult.
With the right spirit you will never fear combat.
Follow the sytems correct precepts and you cannot go wrong.
Be adaptable and maintain freedom of physical movement.

Types of Body Movement
Sen - Vertical spinning movement
Un - Ascending and descending wave-like movement
Hen - Falling movement characterized by changing the body's axis
Nen - Horizontal spinning movement
Ten - Rolling and tumbling movement

Competition include
Jissen (sparring)
Hokei (similar to kata) and
Tenkai(a made-up fight, where one "hero" defeats five opponents during the last part of a 30 second bout)



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