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Points for spiritual refinement

Knowing one's self (soul)
Knowing nature (natural,physical,material world)
Destiny/Kismet(predetermined course of events)
Harmony(joins or fits together)
The Heart
The Eye

Taken with permission from this page Explaining AKBAN's Ninjutsu ethical code

In Ninjutsu, the mind must be prepared before it can receive what it must do. Derived from Shinto and Zen Buddhism, the active mind must be clearly on task to make any technique work. It is said, "a naked man in an empty room can still practice Ninjutsu." For Ninjutsu is about a thinking, adaptive mind that is responsive to this situation, yet passive like a river on its banks.

Some Ninjutsu schools start this awakening the mind with a yoga-derived system from India. A common symbol is the dorje, a double mini spear meditation tool that helps the ninja attain a form of  enlightenment by following a series of mantras.Or with preset meditative positions with the Tendai (Japanese school of Buddhism)or Lotus Sutra from Buddhism. Shinto allowed the ninja to develop the meditation into kuji`in and Kuji-kiri 九字切り lit."nine symbolic cuts") as a means to channel ki-energy toward allowing the mind accept the pain of training, and understanding the elements. The meditations allows the ninja to release the material world, to form in the mind the mindset necessary to study the elements, and to allow ki (氣) "Energy Flow" to flow freely through,the meridians and hence through the chakras

Some trained in Ninjutsu can meditate for many hours. Other ninja trained in winter, under waterfalls stressing their bodies to the limit, to help cleanse their souls. For some ninja, impurity of the soul is the same as impurity in steel, the soul like steel will break under pressure if the soul is not pure and mixed correctly, for the connection between mind and body is only available if the soul is there. Once the soul takes flight from the body, the connection between mind and body is forever lost, only something like a silver string combines these things with the soul. Silver can corrode and tarnish turning weak if silver is not polished regularly.

Some ninja are trained in certain schools to understand the laws of karma,castes, and interaction in society that the web of life so they would be wise in their decisions. As to combine themselves, the many elements, towards linking with heaven and earth. Ninja understand these elements and the spiritual (kami 神-spirit) each element has in its linkage to the world. To blend with the world, you must understand your place in the world, and how you fit into the way of things. If your soul is not pure, you will see things incorrectly, and then your decisions will reflect your corruption. The desire, intent, and focus must be straight. It is once held, awaken the mind, release the spirit, and steady the body, and understanding will follow.

One story (koan) that could fit this is you cannot handle another cup of tea if your cup is full. Nobody can use the bathroom for you; you must relieve your suffering in your own way. If you are done relieving your suffering, then your mind will be a polished mind, like a mirror, it will reflect clearly on the moment, undistracted by your needs.



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