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VAJRA MUSHTI(वज्र मुश्टि)

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Vajra Mushti is an ancient Indian martial art and the name of a knuckleduster-like weapon used by its practitioners. It incorporates strikes, grabs and a study of Marma Adi.The word mushti literally means closed hand or fist.

The vajra, a weapon with religious symbolism in both Hinduism and Buddhism, is translated variously as thunderbolt or diamond though the original meaning means something more along the lines of a needle. Vajra-musti could therefore be translated as "thunderbolt fist" or "diamond fist" or "grasping a vajra (thunderbolt)".

Vajra Mushti was described in the Buddharata Sutra, written in the 5th century CE,based on earlier material used by the kesatria (warrior class).A variant of the style called Simhanada (Lion's Roar) or Indra's Fist was said to have been the martial art of the historical Buddha's blood-line.It is still called Indra's Fist or Lion's Roar in China, where the art is said to have been the ancestor of Tibetan White Crane boxing.

Goal of Vajra Mushti
The goal of Vajra Mushti is to immobilize the opponent’s hand holding the knuckle duster.

Rules of Vajra Mushti
Vajra Mushit is a no holds barred martial art. A fight is considered over when one immobilizes the opponent’s knuckleduster

Vajra Mushti Training
Training in Vajra Mushti is very intensive because students are taught a variety of striking techniques similar to kung fu, boxing, and karate, and grappling techniques similar to jujitsu, and Vale tudo.




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