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A traditional martial art thought to have originated several hundred years ago, Bandesh is a system of grapping, blocking, locking, choking, disarming, and forced submission techniques, commonly used against an armed assault. It stresses non-lethal use of force, practitioners are encouraged to reduce the risk of injury to their attacker. While practice matches can involve hand-to-hand combat, they include weapons.The winner is the one who successfully disarms his opponent

BOTHATI (बोथटि)

The origins of this ancient martial art is unclear.This art focuses on cavalry disciplines such as fighting techniques with the use of the long spear while riding on horseback. Competitors race towards each other and seek to unmount one another.This art is similar to Jousting


The principles of this art consists of two-pronged attacks on opponents - both physical and mental. Practitioners first aim to erode their opponent's will to fight by psychological means - reasoning with them and discouraging them before striking, kicking, knifing, or clubbing them or attacking with any improvised weapons. Humiliation of the opponent during the fighting process is also primary importance and it is belived that this can help effect a swift victory.It is practiced in South India and it is a holistic and practical method of  self-defence rather than a sporting art. practitioners are taught to maintain an impeccable character of high moral standing to cultivate inner strength and understanding of one's own ego. This in turn engenders an attitude of avoiding aggressive individuals.


This martial art originated in Sri Lanka and it closely resembles Chinese Kung Fu as it was passed down by a Shaolin Monk when visiting the sacred relic of the tooth of the Buddha,housed in Sri Lanka.It means 'Chinese Punch' in Malayalam and takes about 15 years to master.


One of the most ancient and strangest martial arts in existence. Means "Unusual Style." Started in the 5th Century B.C. as a defence system for the bureaucrat class of the ancient Chinese dynasties. All the movements involve the use of "the White Jade Fan," actually a fanlike metal weapon used for both disarming opponents and poking them.A Master will attempt to calm any enemy with both a relaxed pose and with friendly words. Then, preferably when the enemy is off-guard, the fan can be whipped out of the sleeves and used either to disarm or attack. Masters are extremely rare and usually train only one or two students at a time, treating them as apprentices.



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