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Nuba Fighting includes both wrestling and stick-fighting elements and is practised by the Nuba people who live in the Kurdufan hill of central Sudan.Contests are regularly organized between male members of neighbouring communities, who aim to bring honour to their village, rather than to achieve personal success.

The goal of Nuba wrestling is to slam the opponent to the ground. Wrestling is relatively recreational, and serious injuries are rare.Nuba wrestling has no pinning and no submissions. Although there are strikes, these are essentially part of the grappling; in other words, this is not a boxing system.

Nuba stick fighting tournaments usually take place after harvest. This is partly because this is the traditional war season, and partly to give thanks for a good harvest. Because stick fighting is dangerous, participants pray before bouts, and amulets may be worn for protection. If a participant is seriously injured, then he or his family are supposed to be compensated by the other village, usually in the form of a cow or similar valuable commodity.

During wrestling and stick fighting tournaments, feasts, music, dance, and stories about former champions are integral to the practice. Although stick fighting tournaments are not usually seen in modern cities (police take a dim view of crowds of armed young men roaming the streets), wrestling tournaments are often used by people living in those same cities to help them retain their sense of cultural identity.



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