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Laamb Wrestling is a type of Folk wrestling traditional to Senegal and parts of The Gambia, and is part of a larger West African form of traditional wrestling (Lutte Traditionnelle).Incorporating both striking and grappling techniques,laamb wrestling is a highly ritualized art form.Practitioners wear oincloth wrappers providers by their fiances or female relatives, and perform stylized dance around the ring before combat commences

The Senegalese form traditionally allows blows with the hands (frappe), the only of the West African traditions to do so. As a larger confederation and championship around Lutte Traditionnelle has developed since the 1990s, Senegalese fighters now practice both forms.

Transcending ethnic groups, the sport enjoys the status of national sport.Traditionally, young men used to fight as a distraction, to court wives, prove their manliness, and bring honor to their villages. Usually each wrestler called M'burr in Wolof performed a particular dance before the start of the combat.

In order to win a laamb match a practitioner must force his opponent's knee or back to the ground.Successful fighters are notorius in their region and young men often engage in these types of fights to prove themselves as men and bring honour to their families, themselves and their village.
A fighter never enters the ring without the presence of his spiritual leader, known as a 'marabout' or 'juju man'. It is believed they have the power to exorcise evil demons and break spells that may have been cast on the fighter by his opponent,

Today it is very popular in the country as an indication of male athletic strength and ability. Presently, wrestling is arranged by business-promoters who offer financial rewards for the winners.



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