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THE TERM "MARTIAL ART" CAN BE DEFINED as an art of combat that combines codified fighting techniques with philosophy,strategy, and cultural traditions.A martial art may be an offensive art for combat or a defensive art for self-defence.It may also be practised to promote health and fitness, as a means of personal and spiritual development, and as a form of sport or entertainment.Martial Arts can be performed both with and without weapons.View a complete listing of Martial Arts around the world. Bookmark and Share The Samurai

Martial Way
Martial Arts can also be refered to a Path to Enlightenment or Way of War or Way of the Warrior
Styles of martial art

There are many different styles of martial art practised throughout the world.Generally however they can be categorized into three broad types:Traditional martial arts,sport-based martial arts and weapons-based martial arts.

Jujutsu Traditional martial arts such as Jujutsu which was used by Japan's Samurai warriors evolved from battlefield training.Used in combat situations these arts had the sole aim of of equipping a practitioner with the skills and techniques necessary to kill or incapacitate the enemy. Samurai Warrior

Sport-based martial arts on the other hand incorporate training regimes that prepare a practitioner for sporting competitions rather than solely life-threatening situtations.Muay Thai, Boxing,Judo,
Tae Kwon Do & Mixed Martial Arts are prime examples.

Tae Kwon Do Boxing
Judo Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Muay Thai
Kendo Weapons-based martial arts concentrate specifically on the use of weapons.The techniques learned here can then be applied in either traditional battlefield arts or in sporting competitions.Kendo and Eskrima are examples of weapons-based arts.
Depending on the style of martial art,the school, and the individual teacher,varying amounts of emphasis will be placed on each of these aspects,with some martial arts combining elements of all three like Karate, Ninjutsu and Krabi-Krabong.
Karate - Soke Solly Said with a pair of Sais Ninjutsu Krabi Krabong

Ancient arts,modern myths
Fighting and humankind's need to dominate and defend is as old as life itself.Our ancestors survival instincts undoubtedly sowed the seeds for the development of martial arts.Primarily methods of cultivating effective battlefield techniques and first codified to ensure high quality and consistent teaching across the troops, many of the martial arts practised today have a surprisingly long history, which is believed to span approximately 5,000 years.Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, they are not solely defined by the traditions of the East. Extensive archaeological evidence points to the millennia-old practice of martial arts in China and India,many other nations and cultures can make similar claims.In Egypt tombs dating from approximately 2000BCE show that stick-fighting arts were highly evolved and the ancient full-contact art of Pankration is thought to have already been considered an ancient sport at the time of the first appearance at the ancient Olympics in 648 BCE.

Stick-fighting Pankration

The paradox of martial arts
The greatest paradox of the martial arts is that many practitioners regardles of the style of their art form regularly seek peace, enlightenment, and a deep sense of the self through the practice of violent, often deadly skills. Many Eastern arts include philosophical concepts such as Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism have had a profound effect on the evolution of many martial arts around the world. Some of the world most accomplished martial artist are also some of the world most gentlest people.

Confucianism Buddhism Daoism

Martial Arts and the movies
Interest in the martial arts in the West can be traced back to the popularity and iconic status of Bruce Lee in the 1970's. His popular movies  - The Big Boss, Fist Of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Game of Death, and Enter The Dragon, put martial arts firmly on the map. Chuck Norris also came to the attention as he acted alongside Lee in the film Way of the Dragon.Norris himself is also a renowned martial arts in his own right and has starred in numerous movies Missing In Action & Delta Force series Lone Wolf McQuade, Firewalker and others and the series Walker Texas Ranger.  A number of television series have also helped to broaden knowledge of Chinese and Asian philosophy and martial arts such as Kung Fu and Monkey. as well as The Matrix and the Kill Bill series and foreign language films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.



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