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Balintawak Arnis/Escrima is a Filipino Martial Art from Cebu City, in the central Philippines.It was formed in 1951 by Venancio ‘Anciong’ Bacon whose instructors were part of the famed Saavedra family.

The Saavedra family were among the founding members of both the Labangon Fencing Club of the 1920’s and then again among the group of the founding members of the Doce Pares Club of the 1930’s. The Saavedra’s style greatly influenced Anciong’s personal fighting style, which later, would put him at odds with some members in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s Doce Pares Club. These members were from another famous family of instructors, also containing founding members of the Labangon and Doce Pares Clubs - the Cañete’s.

Balintawak is one of the rare martial systems, that can realistically be expected to deal with random acts of violence. In real fighting situations you must learn to protect your vital areas with lightning actions and natural movement, so no moves will work for you unless you are able to use them instinctively, instantly and simultaneously. Each move learnt in Balintawak has an obvious purpose, there are no superfluous movements, with every attack a defence and every defence an attack/counter. Balintawak teaches to constantly block and counterstrike. Never ever, merely block and then block again or not counter with an effective return strike. Learning to always block and counter is the quickest and most effective way of developing instantaneous response.

As the training is designed to ingrain an instinctive reaction, so much so that in a sudden confrontation, one do not become paralysed by your own thoughts and fears. Split second reaction is fundamental to combat survival and Balintawak constantly drills the student, that timing in every move is the difference between skilled Escrimadores, not simply the techniques that anyone can mimic. When and how a student delivers a technique are more important than the technique itself. Through Balintawak’s tactile training you are enabled to feel instantly the force of your opponent and the holes that can be in their attack and defence. This feeling learnt through proper training, becomes an automatic response, not a cognitive thought.

Balintawak is one of the last true fighting systems that has not been adapted for sport or entertainment. You do not have to be superfit and can be of any age to train, enabling ordinary individuals to learn this art for self-defence.



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